• Affiliation

    Here is information that outlines the process of affiliation. The Identity Document sets forth the doctrine, polity and philosophy of ministry statements that are the foundation for the covenant community of CB Northwest churches. Agreement with the Identity Document is the cornerstone of affiliation with CB Northwest.

  • Church Assessments

    What does a Church Assessment consist of? There are four steps: 1) data collection, 2) data review and evaluation, 3) focus group meetings and interviews, and 4) preparation and delivery of a report to the church.

  • Church Security

    The ministry of the church can be seriously compromised by a failure to appropri-ately and effectively respond to an emergency situation. Emergencies can present themselves in all shapes and sizes; such as medical emergencies, environmental hazards (i.e. fire, earthquakes), and immediate threats to health, safety, and property. Developing and maintaining effective emergency operations plan for local churches and establishing a security team to implement the plan has become a vital part of ministry.

  • Crisis Intervention/Mediation

    Unfortunately there are times when a local church is in crisis. At these times CB Northwest can provide help to churches in a number of ways.

  • Insurance

    We recommend our partner in ministry, Brotherhood Mutual represented by James Reed & Associates, for your insurance needs.

  • Language/Ethnic Ministries

    We help churches provide culturally relevant ministries to targeted language and cultural groups. Our goal is to incorporate everyone into the local fellowship while meeting cultural identity needs. In this way churches can reach a larger segment of their communities.

  • Ordination, Licensing, and Commissioning

    Steps, Guidelines, and Procedures Toward Credentialing in CB Northwest for Ordination, Licensing and Commissioning

  • Logos

    CB Northwest logos for use by your church in flyers, newletters, onscreen announcements, etc.

  • Ministry Helps

    If you are seeking assistance in a number of areas, such as Attorney/Legal Counsel, Estate Planning, Insurance,and more you may wish to contact the individuals or agencies on this page.

  • Ministry Retreats or Getaways

    Part of being healthy requires times of rest. There are a handful of places that are designed for rest for ministers of the gospel. Below is a list of some locations we know that have been especially made available to the CBNW Covenant Community.

  • Partners

    Links to some organizations we partner with.

  • Placement

    CB Northwest does not post open positions online. We do provide a variety of helps to churches and pastors on both sides of pastoral placement.

  • Polity

    A church's "polity" is expressed in written form in their "bylaws". These bylaws provide the framework for how the church is organized and functions. The goal is to have bylaws that clearly guide the parameters for healthy ministry, without being too restrictive or inflexible.

  • Prayer

    These resources are offered with the intention of strengthening your practice of prayer. We want to encourage you in every way possible to have a lifestyle of increasing intimacy with God through prayer. These materials are provided for your own personal use, the use of your leaders, and for the encouragement of prayer among the members of your congregation. If there are resources that you have found useful, please let us know.

  • Reference Publications & Resources

    Please know that the items on this page are not official recommendations from CB Northwest. They simply reflect resources that have come to our attention and/or that have proven helpful and useful in the past. We realize that each ministry and each of our churches is unique in terms of operation and staff background/expertise. Therefore, we hope that the contents of this page will provide a sound, positive, and constructive starting point in your search for the best possible tools to answer your questions and meet your needs.

  • Relational Elders Training

    Healthy churches require healthy church leaders. Leaders who are spiritually mature and skilled in applying the truth of the gospel to the harsh realities of people's lives (including their own). These types of leaders must be intentionally developed in knowledge, experience, skill, and maturity.

    To assist churches in the "what" and "how", CBNW has developed a training program to be used within local churches to intentionally disciple elder-level leaders. We call it "Relational Elders Training" (RET).

  • Retirement

    CB Northwest has a 50-year commitment to a secure retirement investment platform for our churches, their pastors, staff, and missionaries. Our retirement plan is a defined contribution (DC) plan designated in the Internal Revenue Code as a section 403(b)(9) plan. Eligible employees must receive taxable income from a participating CB Northwest, CBAmerica church or ministry in order to participate. This retirement program is very flexible and allows the local church/ministry to set participation parameters. Contributions can be made by the employer, employee or both.

  • Stewardship: Estate Planning, Church Financing, Investing of Church Funds

    Our primary focus as a staff at CB Northwest is serve our covenant community of churches. One of the ways we do that is by providing connections to resources that will assist our churches in fulfilling their mission. One area of resource is help with stewardship, both for the church and those who are part of the local body.

  • Tax & Legal FAQ

    Please know that this information is intended to be purely informational and does not constitute an official endorsement by CB Northwest of any individual, organization, or resource tool. If you are searching for assistance in one of these areas, we would encourage you to go through a responsible "due diligence" process in praying and seeking the Lord's direction to the service provider(s) best equipped to meet your specific need.