Stewardship and the Kingdom

Northwest Baptist Foundation

Our primary focus as a staff at CB Northwest is serve our covenant community of churches. One of the ways we do that is by providing connections to resources that will assist our churches in fulfilling their mission. One area of resource is help with stewardship, both for the church and those who are part of the local body. We are pleased to let you know that we have a partnership with the Northwest Baptist Foundation (NWBF) to further the gospel and its influence in the communities our churches serve thorough cultivating Gospel shaped stewardship of everything God gives churches and individuals.

The NWBF and CB Northwest have partnered in offering CB Northwest churches the unique opportunity to be in covenant community by assisting one another in better making disciples through investing in the CBNW Loan Pool and borrowing from the CBNW Loan Program. The CBNW Loan Pool focuses on investing in the ministry of other CBNW churches and the CBNW Loan Program offers exclusive interest rate discounts for being in covenant community while borrowing to refinance, purchase, construct or renovate a facility to enhance the ministry through it.

The NWBF assists individuals with the stewardship of estate planning and they offer several options for presenting estate planning to your church. They provide a complete service to individuals who desire to establish or update an estate plan, as well as full church presentations on the value and importance of this type of planning.